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    For the prosperity of the XX literature and culture, so that more close to the reality of literary works, close to the masses, close to life, in April 19th the morning of the district cultural center, "Phoenix Lake" comprehensive literature and art publication department held the first seminar, the region's art lovers, small and medium students, parents and representatives of more than 40 people attended the meeting. Meeting, district poems and couplets Association vivid President Jiang Chuande tells the creation of his movie literature scripts the Dragon King Gong Jiu legend "after, historical background and plot; literary author hung Wen Chang explained literary creation to find inspiration and passion to life; sentence in his poetry with Poet Zhang Songlin tells the expression of poetry and artistic characteristics;" Chengdu Commercial Daily "the reporter Yang Dao, tells the story of how to publicize the Phoenix Lake journal, how to lovers of literature provides more show platform; parents on behalf of Yan Sanliang expressed him on the Phoenix Lake journal editing and layout of some of the views. The participants spoke, the atmosphere is strong. The meeting also recited the scene the poet Li Longbing, Yu Qingshuang, the masterpiece of Deng Wankang. In order to further strengthen the literary atmosphere of the region, strengthen the exchange of literature, in the future work, the editorial department will organize learning exchange activities, so that more and more literary enthusiasts to participate in, for the prosperity of our cultural cause to contribute
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